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Friday, August 21, 2009

Year 1, Week 8 - Vacation Week! Monday

On Monday we went to the beach.

Hey guys, there's a lot of water over there. Should I be concerned?

Will had pretty much the same reaction to the ocean that he did the first time he got his feet wet.

Then Will played in the sand for the first time.

This was followed by Will eating sand for the first time.

Zayley went longer without eating sand.

Emma didn't eat any sand. It appears that the amount of sand you eat correlates directly with your age.

Everyone buried their feet though.

Nate dug a hole.

Will got a piggyback ride.

Hooray, beach day!

Year 1, Week 8 - Saturday & Sunday of Vacation Week!

This week we went on vacation. On vacation you take approximately 473.515% more pictures than you do in regular life, so we'll break this week up into several posts.

We left San Diego on Friday night (so technically week 7, but there are no pictures of that, so whatever) and drove to King City, about 80 miles north of San Luis Obispo on Highway 101. On Saturday we drove to a park just south of SFO, where we were going to meet Lorne's parents and pick up Lorne's brother Kevan for some people and car shuffling. It's all very complicated.

Anyway, we had a little picnic.

Will got to play in the dirt for the first time. He found it to be delicious.

At some point that night everyone ended up at the house we rented in Jenner, CA, north of San Francisco, where the Russian River meets the Pacific Ocean. Who is everyone? Lorne, Laurel, Will, Bill (Lorne's dad), Gail (Lorne's mom), Kevan (Lorne's brother), Nate (Lorne's brother), Miranda (Nate's wife), Zayley (Nate & Miranda's daughter), Diane (Laurel's mom), Jonathan (Laurel's brother), and Emma (Jonathan's daughter). It was a full house.

On Sunday we drove down to San Francisco to catch a Giants game at AT&T Park. It's pretty much the most beautiful baseball stadium ever.

Jon, Emma, Lorne, Will, Laurel

Zayley, Miranda, Nate, Lorne, Will, Laurel

That night we had Chinese food in China Town, where both Will and Zayley informed us that they'd had just about enough time being held and in high chairs, thank you very much. We placated them with frozen yogurt later.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Year 1, Week 7

I found this cardboard box in the corner of the living room and decided that it was pretty much the most awesome toy I'd ever seen. Why would anyone put it in the corner of room? I think my parents sometimes don't really understand what fun is. I'd highly suggest that you find yourself a cardboard box like this one. It's the best. Here are some of the things you can do in it:

1. Dance!

2. Practice your athletic position!

3. Read a book!

4. Sit and kick!

5. Look adorable!

If that doesn't convince you to get an awesome cardboard box, I don't know what will. I heard you can order them online.

Year 1, Week 6

My dad is going to be a doctor, so one day at dinner I decided to be like Dad. I put on my scrubs and performed surgery on some food.

First, I went over my last minute surgery instructions.

Here I am making the first incision.

Surgeons won't ever tell you this, but sometimes they sample their work. I always make sure to wipe any evidence off my chin before my patients wake from anesthesia.

Sometimes when you need more dinner for your surgery you have to sign for more before Nurse Daddy will give it to you.

Surgery is delicious!

Always wash down your surgery with a tall glass of water.

Also this week, I learned a new game. It's called TACKLE THE KITTIES OMG IT IS SO MUCH FUN!!!!!



I love my kitties.

Man, this was a busy week. I also learned ANOTHER new game, called Smush Your Face Against This Thing.

I am so awesome at this game.

To round out the week, we went to Anaheim to watch the Twins lose to the stupid Angels. But they had free fireworks after the game, so we sat in the parking lot and watched them, and that was neat.

Year 1, Week 5

At some point during week 5 Lorne and Laurel went to another craft fair and Grandma Gail came down and took Will up to Great Grandma Jo's for the weekend. We don't have pictures of that. But here are some other things that happened in week 5:

-we put these rings on our arms

-we found Grandma Gail's daily planner and then hid it in a box of Mom's fabric

-we attacked the camera

-we danced in our messy apartment