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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Day Thirteen - Baseball

Today Will went to his first baseball game. The Twins don't often come to San Diego, so Lorne was pretty excited to find that their first visit since Petco Park was built happened to be a few weeks after Will's birth. Will has a Twins onesie and booties that match this cap and his blanket, and though many of his other size 3-6 month clothes fit just fine, those were sadly too big.

Baseball games, like picnics, are very tiring.

Will didn't think much of the drunk Padres fans sitting a few rows behind us:

The Twins could not deny the adorable baby decked out in their gear a win. (Or maybe the Padres aren't very good this year...you make the call.)

Everyone is happy, though a little bit tired.

When we got home, Will tried to eat Lorne's shirt. He still hasn't quite got the whole nursing thing down yet.

Day Twelve - Talking on the Internets

Yesterday was Grandma Diane's birthday. Since she was out to dinner with family and friends in Seattle, Will waited till today to wish her happy birthday via his webcam.

Please ignore Laurel's dinner plate, which is resting precariously next to Will's head on the edge of the couch. Also ignore all the crap in the background.

After talking with Grandma, Will decided to make lots of cute faces.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Day Eleven - Relaxing

Will had a short doctor's visit this morning, where they told him he was gaining weight like he should, which was very exciting. He was so happy, he spent the rest of the day eating. Or asking to eat. He is a hungry baby.

Here is Will pointing out where the food belongs.

Here is Mommy trying to explain that you can't actually get milk through a shirt. Nursing: you're doin' it wrong.

Ed. note: Laurel insits that I point out that the recent hot weather is why Will is largely undressed in many of these photos. We apologize for any baby indecency you may have suffered.

Day Ten - Meeting People is Easy, part 3

Today Will made his second trip up to Fallbrook, but this time there was lots of family to meet. He met Aunt Diana, Cousin Sarah, and Cousin Eden (some of those might be great-relatives, or 2nd-relatives, or somewhat-removed cousins, but Dad is too tired to figure that out).

But this whole encounter was kind of tiring, so he and Mommy needed a nap later.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Day Nine - Goin' on a picnic

Today Will went to the park for his first picnic . . . however he slept through the whole thing, so he may not be aware of it.  Caleb was very suprised at how awesome he is, though.

Then later he took off his shirt (it was really hot here today), and sat in the awesome bouncy chair that Dana and Ken gave him. He liked that.

Day Eight - Trip to Fallbrook

Today Will took his first trip to one of his parent's favorite places, the family farm in Fallbrook. Here you can see Will getting super excited about the family business.

Day Seven - Being a baby is hard

Will had a busy day! He had his frenulum (the little patch of tissue that attaches your tongue to the bottom of your mouth) snipped, because he was so tongue tied it was making it hard to feed (thanks for the great genes, Dad!), and then got strapped into his car seat to go for a walk with Mom, Dad and Grandma Gail.

He liked the walk OK:

But the whole day was a little tiring:

Day Six - What did I get myself into?

Will thinks his parents seem OK . . . but he's still just not completely sure.

Day Five - Hanging out with Dad

Today Will spent the whole day hanging out with his new family, and getting to know everybody a little better. Here he is chatting it up with his Dad:

Friday, June 20, 2008

Day four - Going Home

Today Will got to go home with Mom and Dad! They made him wear a silly hat, and he's not sure he trusts the car seat.

Day three - Meeting People is Easy, part 2

Will met lots more people in his first few days. Lots of family, including:

Grandma Diane:

Grandma Gail:

Grampa Bill:

Great-Grandma Jo:

Cousin Emma:

Whew! Busy day!

Day two - Meeting People is Easy, part 1

The first person Will had the pleasure to meet after his arrival was his Mommy. Hi Mom!

Meeting number two was Dad. Such proud parents!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Day one - Welcome Will!

Will joined our family at 3:50 AM on Friday, June 13, 2008, weighing in at an amazing 11 pounds and 5 ounces.

Aside from our obvious excitement to meet the little guy Laurel's been carrying around for 9 months, the 13th of June seems an auspicious day for a few reasons:
  • In 1979, Lorne's Mom found out she was pregnant with him on June 13th.
  • Lorne's great-Grandma used to always make a trip to Reno on Friday the 13th, because it was her lucky day. When she got home, and people asked her how she did, it was always "I won a little, and lost a little."
  • As one friend pointed out (thanks Alysa!), he shares his birthday with Margaret Thatcher, Steve Buscemi and the Olson twins.
Welcome Will!