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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 1-3, 2011 - Galway

I'll post a couple days at a time for the trip, instead of an entire week. I can see myself writing a lot and showing like, 50 pictures in one post. I'll try to cut it up a little to make it more manageable.

On Sunday, we arrived in Ireland! Grandma Gail and Grandpa Bill met us at the airport, we rented our car, and we got on the road to Galway. Lorney did a fantastic job of driving on the wrong side of the road while incredibly jetlagged. We got checked in, showered, rested a little, ate at a pub, then got everyone ready for bed.

The kids enjoyed the mirror in our hotel room. I thought this was funny, as this is one of the pictures on our trip with Will to England when he was Evie's age:

On Monday, Lorne had the first day of his conference. The kids and I wandered around Galway with Grandma Gail and Grandpa Bill.

Will was very excited about the fact that Ireland ALSO has playgrounds!

Will, post pigeon-chasing in Eyre Square. Chasing the pigeons was one of his favorite things in Galway.

Bill took this picture of Williamsgate Street, which was Will's third favorite thing in Galway (after the playground and the pigeon chasing). He liked all the people, but he really liked all the street musicians and asked if we could go to Williamsgate Street every time we left the hotel. I suspect he also liked the street name.

That night we ate Indian food for dinner, then the kids stayed with Grandma and Grandpa while Lorne and I went on a little pub crawl with his fellow scientists.

On Tuesday, we went on a bus tour of Galway. While we waited, Will debated about whether he really wanted to ride on top of the double decker bus, but once we were up there he liked it pretty well.

Will expounds upon the virtues of sitting in the front seat of the top of the bus.

Dino enjoyed the scenery.

River Corrib

After the bus ride we met up with Lorne in the hotel, then walked back down Williamsgate Street (Will rejoiced!) and headed to a fish & chips place, then up the street to get some ice cream. The kids were all tired out when we got back to the hotel room.

April 24-30, 2011

On Sunday, it was Easter. The kids had a mini egg hunt in our apartment.

A few eggs had Evie's snackies in them.

Grandma Diane sent Will a copy of Bambi and this stuffed Thumper. Thumper has now reached the same status as Mr. Lion - he is necessary for sleep.

Evie got this bunny, which was delicious.

We watched some baseball. Bert Blyleven dressed up for the occasion.

On Monday, we took no pictures.

On Tuesday, Will asked if he could have a treat from his easter basket, then sang to the tune of You Are My Sunshine, "From my basket, my only basket, the blue basket, where the treats are." He totally got his treat.

There was a question on Jeopardy about heffalumps, and Will immediately yelled out, "That's from Winnie the Pooh!" He loses though, because he failed to put his response in the form of a question.

Also, no pictures.

On Wednesday, Evie started to show signs of being sick. She was tired, had a fever, and was a constant fountain of snot.

We didn't take any pictures of that.

On Thursday, we still didn't take any pictures.

On Friday, Evie was still sick, and Will was whiny, indicating that he was getting sick. No pictures still.

On Saturday, we went to the airport to begin 18 hours of travel with a 2-year-old and a 9-month-old. Are we insane? Yes. But we also had the opportunity to visit Ireland and felt it would have been more insane to not go.

Will got invited into the cockpit.

I love that he just started pushing buttons. This child is not shy.

Evie's first plane flight.

Evie's first layover.

Will saw some people laying down in the area where we took the kids to play. He decided to follow suit.

The kids were pretty great on the flights. On the flight from Chicago to Dublin, both kids slept almost the entire time. It was amazing.

April 17-23, 2011

On Sunday, the kids were restless. After a failed naptime, Laurel took them to Sea World in an attempt to run them ragged so they would sleep at bedtime.

For a few days Will would squat down like this and tell us he was "doing Bostons." I don't know what he thought I was doing there.

Someone called Evie a boy.

The children were despondent.

On Monday, Evie wore the same thing she wore yesterday.

Will stopped to smell the flowers.

Evie was cute.

On Tuesday, nothing terribly exciting happened.

On Wednesday, Evie played with shoes.

She loves playing with shoes. Loves it. If you put a shoe on the floor she will make a beeline for it and put it in her mouth way faster than you'd expect a nine-month-old to be able to. Also, our friends Mike and Alysa and Connor came over for dinner. Also, Will and Lorne made me this awesome strawberry cake because it was my 31st birthday.

On Thursday, Evie was just as confused by this Mariners bat as the real Mariners are by real bats.

On Friday, nothing happened.

On Saturday, we went up to Gramma Jo's for some Easter egg hunting and some Easter food eating.

Gramma Jo's yard has lots of great places to hid eggs.

Evie found a few eggs too.

The baby contingent.

Picking jelly beans off the jelly bean bush.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

April 10-16, 2011

On Sunday, Laurel went on a tour of the Harpoon brewery with some Bostonian friends.

Then we met another friend and her baby at a bar. Little Lauren made me miss my kiddos more than I did already.

On Monday, Laurel was home and nothing interesting happened ever.

On Tuesday, something happened.

Will copied this guy on the teevee.

On Wednesday, Will and I made this pie.

Coconut amaretto ricotta. I kind of made it up.

Huh. Sounds weird, mom.

On Thursday, Will and Evie rode around in a diaper box.

It's high class up in here.

On Friday, WOOOOO!


Also, nerd toddler.

And hipster toddler.

On Saturday, Evie was angsty.

And cute.

Will was uber angsty.

Evie laughed.