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Thursday, March 24, 2011

March 13-19, 2011

On Sunday, Evie and Will fought over the ball popper.

Evie got back at Will by using his parking garage.

On Monday, Will ate some cake.

And Evie discovered that cat toys and baby toys are pretty similar.

Also, we played outside and everyone was sad.

On Tuesday, Will gave Evie a bottle.

Will is all, "YAY I'M GIVING EVIE A BOTTLE!" and Evie is all, "Seriously Dad?"

On Wednesday, Evie figured out how to use the spoon.

On Thursday, it was St. Patrick's Day, but we took no pictures. Here's a picture of the pie we ate on Pi Day though.

It was delicious. Peanut butter banana cream.

Also, we found out Lorne got accepted to a conference in Ireland. HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY TO US!

On Friday, in light of Thursday's exciting Ireland news, we took Evie to the passport office to apply for a passport for her. For the next five years, her passport photo will be this:

We also got Will's passport out to show him. He's about the same age in his picture that Evie is now. Will loved his passport. He hugged it.

Then he cried when we put it away.

On Saturday, Will held Evie for a little bit.

It's kind of neat when their heads are all next to each other and you can see things like how they have the same nose and how different their eyes are.

Evie was wearing her Twins shirt to celebrate Lorne's fantasy baseball draft day.

Later, we had some friends come over. I attempted to make a delicious cake. When I put it in the fridge to try to firm up the crumb layer of the frosting, the middle layer did this:

The particular sadness of caramel apple cake.

The top and bottom layers were salvageable, so it was a two layer cake instead of a three layer cake. It was all pretty delicious though.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

the angst of small children

Yesterday afternoon, Will and Evie were both acting especially restless, perhaps due to Daylight Savings and their wonkified schedule. I cancelled our planned trip to the grocery store and took them outside to play instead. Will wanted to play with the t-ball set my mom gave him for his birthday last year, so we took it and a blanket and some toys for Evie down to the grassy area behind our building.

Evie was completely and totally uninterested in the toys we gave her. She can play with toys inside. No, Evie wanted to eat grass. The grass is roughly the same color as cooked peas, so I guess it's not too surprising that she'd want to eat it, but still. When I stopped her from eating the blades she ripped from the ground, she screamed.

Will is surprisingly good at hitting the ball off the tee. I mean, it's not like he's hitting 90 mph fastballs at the age of two, but when he tries, he can make that plastic baseball go pretty far. When the neighbor girl (who is probably about seven) came outside, Will decided he really wanted her to play t-ball with him. But she was riding her bike. So she'd ride her bike past us, then Will would look at me and say, almost on the verge of tears, "Mommy, I want that girl to play t-ball with me." So I told him to ask her, maybe she'd say no, but maybe she'd say yes.

Will practices his home run trot

Will agreed that he should ask her. The next time she rode by on her bike, Will squatted down close to the grass, and whispered, "Hey girl, will you play t-ball with me?" But as he is not very tall, being only two, the squatting only made it so she didn't really see him. I'm sure whispering his request so quietly that I could barely make out his words didn't do much for his cause either. Then, when she was around the corner of the building, Will ran over to me and screamed, "THAT GIRL WON'T PLAY WITH ME! WHY WON'T SHE PLAY WITH ME?!" This scene repeated itself at least three times.

Then, after she rode by, still unable to hear his desperate pleas for a t-ball partner, he started doing this:

Woe is he.

Then, the girl went back to her apartment, only to emerge a few minutes later with her older brother, who is perhaps ten, and very sweet. The brother patted Will on the head and talked with him a little about t-ball, then told Will, "Someday you're going to be a pro baseball player."

And Will's little face crumpled. As they walked away, Will just stared after them sadly. Poor Will didn't know what the word "pro" meant, so he just assumed it meant something terrible and said, sadly, "Mommy, he say some words at me."* I explained to Will that "pro" was a good thing; that it meant someone who played baseball professionally, which meant as their job, like his favorite baseball player, Joe Mauer.** Then Will smiled, and laughed, and said, "Oh, that boy thinks I'll be like Joe Mauer. Why didn't he say so?"

*I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but Will's phrase of choice when he thinks he's been wronged, or when he would just like you to leave him alone, is "Don't say some words at me!" and is often accompanied by him holding his hand up in front of him, as if he can deflect your offensive words with his tiny two-year-old palm.

**If you ask Will who his best friend is, nine times out of ten, he will say, "Joe Mauer!" enthusiastically. The other time he says, "Evie!" almost as enthuastically.

Then, when they came back, the little girl asked me how t-ball worked. Will was standing about 20 yards away, watching. I explained that you hit the ball off the tee with your bat, and when it's just a few of you that's all you really do, but when there are more kids it works more like actual baseball, but without a pitcher. (Yes, I do have a tendency to overexplain things to small children. She was probably just looking for me to say, "You hit the ball with the bat.") I handed her the bat and she hit the ball a couple times, all while Will stood like a statue in the distance. The kids thanked me and waved to Will, then went back in their apartment.

As soon as their door closed, Will came running over to me. "MOMMY! THAT GIRL PLAY WITH ME!!!!"

And Evie? Evie spent this entire time fighting with me over the grass.

Monday, March 14, 2011

March 6-12, 2011

On Sunday, Will used Evie as a pillow.

Then we headed up to Gramma Jo's for a birthday get-together (celebrating all the birthdays from January - March).

Sophie stole Evie's blocks. Evie was not amused.

Evie, enraged, decided to steamroll over Jake.

On Monday, Grandma Gail and Grandpa Bill went home. Also, a dinosaur and a bear went on a walk.

On Tuesday, we just got home from Illinois. Lock the front door, oh boy!

On Wednesday, we had to sit down, take a rest on the porch.

On Thursday, imagination set in.

On Friday, we were singing, doo doo doo, lookin' out our back door. Also, I made the lemon drop cake from the Baked: New Frontiers in Baking cookbook.

It's finger lickin' good.

On Saturday, Evie was amused.

Also, Will got his first pairs of big boy underpants, but we'll spare him the embarrassment of showing him in his underpants on the internet.

hobo signs

When hobos used to roam the land, looking for work and food and somewhere to sleep, they left hobo signs in chalk or coal to provide information and warnings to other hobos. I was totally unaware of hobo signs until I read The Areas of My Expertise, John Hodgman's awesome book that has a surprisingly large amount of information about hobos. Some of it is even true! Even then, though, I thought hobo signs were something that had been created by the mind of Hodgman. A few years ago though, coming home from some trip or another, we saw a series of hobo signs in the San Diego Airport as part of an art exhibit, and I turned to Lorne and said, "Wait. That's a real thing?"

Anyway, sometimes when we go on walks, we grab a piece of sidewalk chalk and make our own hobo signs. It's a fun game to play, especially when we're out walking and other parents see me spinning the stroller around in a circle. The picture above is instructing Will to clap, jump, spin in a circle, and then go forward. There are additional signs for marching, turning left or right, running...and other things, I'm sure. You'd have to ask Will, he remembers the signs better than I do. The other fun thing about the signs is that we usually leave some along the route from our apartment out to the parking lot. Then when we return from somewhere, or head out to the car, Will will be walking along and see some signs and just stop and clap three times, then keep going, or spin in a circle and jump, then keep going, and it cracks me up. The Toddler Hobo Sign game comes highly recommended by one out of one Pants family toddlers.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

February 27 - March 5, 2011

On Sunday, Evie and I had some girl time while Will spent most of the day with his grandparents at Gramma Jo's house.

On Monday, Evie ate her monkey rattle.

On Tuesday, I had a migraine and a stomach thing and took no pictures. Thank goodness Lorne's parents were here, there's no way I could have taken care of the kids without them.

On Wednesday, I was still feeling bad. Pity me.

On Thursday, I took two pictures:

Maybe I was still feeling sick. Also, Lorne came home from Boston late this evening. Hooray!

On Friday, we had pizza night.

Will was really excited about the goat cheese. He's definitely related to me.

Evie had her first avocado night.

"Hey Mom, put more avocado right here."

On Saturday, Will played Angry Birds for a bit.

Evie played with Lorne.

The game they played was called "Smoosh Daddy's Face In."