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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Year 1, Week 14

Will had his 15 month check up this week. The appointment ran long and Will got shots. Not a good combination. To help Will feel a little better about things, Lorne got him an ice cream cone. Since it's been about 5 years since we updated the blog, you may have forgotten that Will really likes ice cream.

Once he gets it in his mouth he has to hold his hand up to it to make sure none of the deliciousness comes out.

Ice cream. It's the best. We have no interest in this useless "cone" contraption.


Also this week:

-laying on Dad

-brushing George's teeth

-brushing Mommy's teeth

-reading with Dad

Year 1, Week 13

Since we stopped trying to take a picture every day, our monthly totals of pictures taken are going down from 500-600 to 100-300. And that means that some weeks we don't take many pictures. In week 13 we only took...nine. And they're of Will doing three things.

Thing 1: Will eating goldfish out of his snackie cup

Thing 2: Will stuffing cars down the elevator shaft of his parking garage

Why are you looking at me like that? They want to go down the elevator shaft.

Thing 3: Will hugging it out with George

Will really likes to hug George. The feeling is most likely not mutual.

Year 1, Week 12

I tried to hide under the Rock Band drums to eat my graham cracker in peace, but Mom still found me with the camera.

I also like to use the drum sticks from Rock Band to beat on the floor.

My legs are also now long enough to ride my fire truck. In this picture I'm playing with my fire truck while riding my fire truck. That's meta.

My fire truck RULES.

Year 1, Week 11

Sometimes Mom and I have dance parties. Usually we listen to her iPod, but when it runs out of batteries we listen to the music stations on the TV. As you can see, I am rocking out to some Jane's Addiction here.

Grandma Diane brought this truck thing down for me awhile ago. My legs are finally long enough for me to sit on it and sort of move myself around.

Grandma Diane's awesome friend Marianne gave me this stuffed puppy. Sometimes he barks, and it's pretty cool. I like to hug him.

I also like to hug Dad. I'm not sure where his head went in this picture though.

Oh look, Dad grew a beard!

Year 1, Week 10

Hey guys. I have excellent taste in shoes.

And in polo shirts.

One day this week I was having kind of a rough evening, so Mom let me eat dinner in my favorite place, this cardboard box.

It seems that I really like cardboard boxes.

Here are a couple pictures of me being adorable in an attempt to get Mom to let me in the kitchen.

This was what we did on Mom and Dad's anniversary. Calzones and books at the pizza place near our house.

I annoyed George by chasing him, but it's okay, we hugged it out.

Year 1, Week 9

End of vacation week. Boooo. Here's what we did on Saturday:

All the kids read Newsweek while we packed up the house.

Then Uncle Kev gave them a ride.

It was pretty awesome.

After we packed everything up and dropped the key off at the vacation rental place, we headed out to a park for a picnic before everyone went their separate ways.

That night we drove to San Luis Obispo. The next morning we started the rest of the way home to San Diego. We tried to have a nice little breakfast, and Lorne tried to help Will use crayons for the first time.

Then there was a meltdown, which we did not document for posterity. Once back home, Will caught up on his reading.

He also caught up on his playing with a dump truck while sitting in a cardboard box time.

Year 1, Week 8 - Vacation Week! Friday

Will and Zayley ate breakfast at the big table. Zayley used the phone books, but Will was okay with that.

Then all the kids went in the whale pool.

Will was a little wary of this "outdoor bathtub with a diaper on" thing. He kept trying to climb out.

He only stayed in if one of us held on to him the entire time.

Later, Lorne and Emma played Rock Band. Emma also played drums at one point, but I don't think we got a picture of that.

Year 1, Week 8 - Vacation Week! Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

So remember when we said, "We'll update this once a week! We'll be on top of it better!" That was a lie. Anyway, back to vacation week, which was...oh...almost two months ago.

On Tuesday we hung around the house and read books.

On Wednesday, Uncle Kevan played the guitar and sang songs for the kids to dance to.

Then we went to the Lagunitas Brewery.

Emma and Will weren't allowed to go on the tour, since they aren't of age, but we all hung around at the tap room (which was literally just a little room, with a lot of outdoor courtyard seating outside) after the end of the tour.

That's orange soda.

Will and Grandpa Bill had a good time.

On Thursday, Will & Zayley ate at the big table, because they are big kids.

Then they rode around in a diaper box, because they're not that big.