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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day 283

Will can shake it like a Polaroid picture.

He also spent a lot of time climbing at the couch today.

His goal?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Day 282

Day 281

Today we made some soup.

Day 280

Today Will did a lot of things.

1. He practiced pulling himself up on the coffee table.

2. He picked up coffee drinking.

3. He crawled for the first time, on purpose.

4. He bounced for awhile.

Day 279

One of Will's favorite things to do is read with us. Mainly because his very favorite thing to do is turn the page ALL BY HIMSELF.

Day 278

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Someone told Will that you're supposed to stay up late and party on St. Patrick's Day. This was taken around 11:30.

Day 277

This is Will's reaction to his dad making an elephant noise.

They made up though.

Day 276

We got these little mesh sack things you can fill with food so your baby can gnaw on it without choking. This mesh sack is filled with banana. Will loves eating it AND rubbing it all over his head.

He also likes refusing to wear his hat. This is a bad picture, but he's trying to take it off.

Day 276

Today Will murdered some blueberries.

Day 275

Today we gave Will a crusty piece of bread to gnaw on.

"What do I do with this thing guys?"

"Oh, I put it in here?"

Day 274

Day 273

Who knows what we did today.

Day 272

Today Will discovered his bookshelf.

Day 271

Will went swimming again this morning, but the pool was still cold. Look! Mom hasn't washed her hair or woken up yet.

We all put on some Mariners gear and watched a game.

Then we ate some Mexican food!

Then we drove back to San Diego. Will's first Spring Training trip was a success.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Day 270

Our reason for going to Phoenix? Spring Training! Here are Lorne and Will's cousin Emma on their way in to the new Dodgers spring training facility, Camelback Ranch, where we watched the Dodgers play the Mariners.

Here, Will and Lorne demonstrate their desire for the Twins to move their spring training facility to Arizona.

Will was not so interested in the game. That's ok!

We had a hard time getting him to keep his hat on, but when he didn't realize it was there it was pretty cute.

Will and his Uncle Jonathan give the side eye to the crazy drunk Mariners lady.

Oh hai, Will is full of adorable.

After the game and dinner, we went back to the hotel to take Will swimming for the first time. Will eyed the pool.

Lorne dipped his feet in.

Will hung on for dear life.

And was generally unimpressed.

The pool was pretty cold though, and it was past his bedtime. We think he'll like it more when he's not wasting all his remaining energy shivering.