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Friday, October 14, 2011

July 24-30, 2011

On Thursday, we got some decorations for the walls in the kids' rooms.

Then we didn't take pictures of anything else. Man, July was a shitty month for pictures.

July 17-23, 2011

On Sunday, we took no pictures.

On Monday, Will passed out on the red chair.

Ha ha.

Evie also totally tried to give Will a wedgie, but I won't post a picture of Will's underwear for all to see. We'll save that for when he starts dating.

On Tuesday, there were also no pictures.

On Wednesday, we went to see a movie. I believe this is Winnie the Pooh.

On Thursday, Will invented the game "Angry Cars."

You hit cars with other cars, kind of like Angry Birds. But with cars.

On Friday, Evie ate a pen.

On Saturday, there were no pictures again.

July 10-16, 2011

I'm very behind, so I'll be brief.

On Wednesday, we took some pictures! Hooray.

Nothing else for the rest of the week.