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Thursday, January 6, 2011

December 12-18, 2010

I'm about a month behind, what with the family visits and the holidays and the baking and all. I will attempt to catch up in the coming days.

On Sunday, Laurel and Lorne were still up in San Francisco for the craft fair.

I insisted on taking a picture of Lorne.

He insisted on taking a picture of me.

In front of the marina by the Fort Mason Center

The Golden Gate Bridge, looking kind of gray.

On Monday, we recovered, unpacked, and Grandma Gail brought the kids back from Gramma Jo's house. We were all too tired for pictures.

On Tuesday, Grandma Gail headed back home. Will is always a little sad when one of his grandparents heads out, so we made some pumpkin cookies to ease the pain a little.

Also, it was only a week and a half until Christmas and we had yet to do any baking. Insanity!


Will and Evie also hung out in the chair for a little bit.

On Wednesday, we went for a walk.

Will drew some things with his sidewalk chalk.

This is a whale.

These are snakes.

This is a self-portrait. You may think it looks like the whale, but you're WRONG.


On Thursday, Evie was faster than a speeding bullet.

On Friday, she was skeptical.

On Saturday, Will and Lorne cut out sugar cookies and baked them, and we got all packed up for our upcoming trip to Flagstaff.

Edited to add: I just found a couple more pictures from Saturday. How could I not include this?