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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Year 1, Weeks 51 - 52

Week 51: May 29 - June 4

We took Will up to the Wild Animal Park this week. He was a fan.

Watching the gorillas.

Will loved watching the lorakeets. A lot. We stayed there for quite awhile.

Peering in to get a closer look.

Will also really enjoyed riding the carousel. He went on it twice and was disappointed when we told him he couldn't keep riding till he went on every single animal.

Also...just...look at this picture. There are no words.

Week 52: June 5 - 11

We went to Sea World and Will enjoyed riding the rides at the Sesame Street Bay of Play...despite what this picture may indicate.

Year 1, Weeks 47 - 50

Week 47: May 1 - 7

Our friend Ian took these with his fancy camera.

Week 48: May 8 - 14

So, May was a bad month for pictures.

Week 49: May 15 - 21

A really bad month.

Week 50: May 22 - 28


Year 1, Weeks 43 - 46

Week 43: April 3 - 9

Easter egg hunt! (It was a busy week, apparently.)

This is Will's buddy Charlie. We don't see her very often, but he talks about her all the time.

Also this week - opening week of baseball! We drove up to Anaheim to see the Twins play the Angels.


Week 44: April 9 - 16

Will loves his crayon apron, courtesy of Aunt Miranda.

Will also got a haircut this week and practiced his Blue Steel look.

Week 45: April 17 - 23

Will dances for joy over new furniture.

Week 46: April 24 - 30

No pictures of Will this week. But here, look at this picture of a squirrel.

Year 1, Weeks 38 - 42

Week 38: February 27 - March 5

You may be saying, "This is not a picture of Will." And you are correct. However, the little yellow thing sitting on George is Mr. Lion. Mr. Lion is necessary for Will to sleep. Will saw George taking a nap and decided that George was in need of Mr. Lion.

Week 39: March 6 - 12

Gardening with Dad

Waiting for pizza.

Week 40: March 13 - 19

Watering the strawberries.

Spring training! Watching the Dodgers at Camelback Ranch.

The Twins train in Florida, but no one told Will.

Spring training = RUNNING IN THE GRASS OMG YAY!!!

Week 41: March 20 - 26

No seriously. It really is.

Week 42: March 27 - April 3

Will and I made cookies! This was Will's favorite part.


Sort of.

Year 1, Weeks 34 - 37

Week 34: January 30 - February 5

Will takes his first trip to the zoo!

Week 35: February 6 - 12

Dear Blog Readers, I'm so sorry my parents are so bad at updating my blog. Love, Will.

Will found some pacifiers behind his bed. This is why he's only allowed to have them at bedtime.

Week 36: February 13 - 19

Apples + Wheel Show = Happiness

These are the best pajamas ever.

Week 37: February 20 - 26

Hooray! A visit from Grandma Gail and Grandpa Bill!

Will celebrates his 1/4 Canadian heritage.

Pizza night!