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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Year 1, Week 24

(November 21-27, 2009)

Will is only allowed to play with Kleenex and toilet paper if he then blows his nose. This results in some fake nose blowing sometimes.

Will is allowed to rock out at any time, however.

No bed dad! Rock!


Year 1, Week 23

(November 14-20, 2009)

My mom is ridiculous.

Seriously. Sometimes I don't know what to do with her.

Sometimes you just have to laugh at her though.

Year 1, Week 22

(November 7-13, 2009)

Will practiced his fake smile.

Then he practiced his frisbee face.

Then he practiced his rulerface.

Year 1, Week 21

(October 31-November 6, 2009)

Halloween! We didn't get around to carving our pumpkins until the 31st.

We cut the top off Will's pumpkin.

Will looked inside.

And was horrified.

We made some cookies earlier in the day to take to the potluck we were going to in the evening.

And decided to give one to Will to cheer him up, since we murdered his beloved pumpkin. We gave him a black cat cookie because we are stupid.

Really, really stupid.

So then he had a bath, then we got him dressed up. Will was Joe Mauer, Lorney's favorite baseball player. We got him some fake sideburns but they fell apart when we tried to cut them smaller to fit his face. So we painted them on.

The face paint lasted about five seconds, so we washed it all off.

We went to the potluck, where Will was skeptical about all the other children.

Then we went home.

Year 1, Week 20

(October 24-30, 2009)

This week we a couple of fun outings.

Outing the first: The pumpkin patch*!

*Patch = parking lot covered in hay, upon which sit lots of pumpkins that have been brought in by trucks

Will liked to pat the pumpkins.

Will chose his pumpkin by interpretive dance.

It totally worked.

They also had a petting zoo. Will didn't really want to touch any of the animals and frankly, I was kind of glad.

They also had some rides, which went over much better than the petting zoo.

Lorne told Will about how he once caught a pumpkin THIS BIG.

Will also liked the merry-go-round.

Though he really wanted me to stop holding on to him. In this picture he's trying to push my hands away.

The pumpkin really was the best thing though.

Man, someone get that kid a haircut. Which leads us to...

Outing the second: The First Haircut

Before: Surfer shag

During: They let him ride in a Blue Angels jet and watch TV. Two things Mom and Dad almost never let him do (at least at this point in October - now we let him ride in jets all the freakin' time).

What are you DOING lady?

After: Little Lord Fauntleroy


oh hello blog

Someone's parents fell asleep on the job for oh...two months.

Lorne had some meetings, Laurel had some craft shows, we went to Seattle, Laurel got pregnant. You know, the usual stuff. We'll try to update the weeks of the last months in the next couple nights while we watch Doctor Who and Friday Night Lights on the teevee machine.