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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Day 319

Yep. Still sick. Will finds that being sick is more tolerable after eating his first pancake.

Day 318

Will is still sick. Laurel is still sick. We are never getting better. The only thing that makes us happy is snackies.

Sometimes Will cannot be bothered to use his hands to pick up his snackies. He just takes his face straight to the source.

Will also enjoyed a little jumping.

And yes, he is wearing the same shirt he wore yesterday. WE ARE SICK PEOPLE. WE DON'T HAVE THE ENERGY TO PUT ON CLEAN CLOTHING.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Day 317

Today Lorne is feeling better, Laurel is feeling worse, and Will is still feeling terrible.

Infant Motrin is helping Will not be overwhelmed by the pain of his cough so he can play for a little while, but he's still pretty exhausted. Last night he slept for 15 hours.

That didn't stop him from taking naps today though. He took a nap on the couch with Laurel for a little bit this afternoon.

Day 316

One of Laurel's favorite movies growing up was The Sound of Music. She sings Will songs from it often. She had a copy of it on VHS but hadn't bothered getting a copy on DVD, so Will gave it to her for her birthday. We all watched it together today.

Will was most interested in the puppet scene and when they sang Edelweiss (what Laurel sings to him before he goes to sleep every night).

Day 315

Will is still sick. He has a low fever and a horrible hacking cough. Poor guy. =(

He spent a lot of today looking like this:

Will was able to muster enough energy to bother George for awhile though.

(Laurel and Lorne are sick as well; you can see Lorne taking a nap in the background here.)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Day 314

Will is sick. Give him all your pities. He couldn't muster the strength to get his piece of cereal all the way in his mouth.

Day 313

It would be totally awesome if I pulled all of Mom's books on to the floor too.

Polar Bear Polar Bear is totally a craft book.

I look all grown up and stuff.

Mmmmmm pizza crust.

Day 312

Throwing all my books on the floor is okay since I'm reading them, right?

Day 311

Today was Laurel's birthday. Will enjoyed playing with the balloons they gave her at work. The cats also enjoyed this.

Day 310


We took Will to Safeco Field for the first time today. He had fun playing with his grandparents and uncles and Emma.

Will was not pleased with Carlos Silva's performance.

Day 309

Today we played with Emma, Uncle Kevan, Aunt Margie, Uncle Jon, Grandma Diane and Grandma Gail, and Emma's dog tried to lick Will's face a lot. We went to Dave & Katie's baby shower and Will met the band friends and some of their awesome babies. We only took a picture of Will sitting on Grandpa Bill's lap though.

Day 308

Today we went back to the airport. This time we were only flying to Seattle though, a much shorter trip. In theory.

Will picked some lettuce from our sandwich while we waited for the flight to board.

Then we stopped in Oakland. Our 30 minute layover turned in to a 3.5 hour layover. LORNE IS SO EXCITED TO BE AT THE OAKLAND AIRPORT.

We got in to Seattle at 2. About 4 hours before that, Lorne and Laurel decided to only fly to Seattle direct from now on.

Day 307

I used to hate bath time but it's pretty okay now.

The bath tub is fun to stand up in. I don't know why Mom and Dad freak out every time I try.

Day 306

I'm not about to pull all the DVDs off the shelf. I swear.

Also, I didn't throw all those books on the floor.

Day 305

I just fell down and instead of helping me back up, Mom just took my picture.

Day 304

Hello! Welcome to Play Time! Before we begin play time, I will need to perform some hypnosis on you so you can't see the pile of laundry in the background. LOOK IN TO MY EYES.

There we go! Now we can play.

Oh, I'm sorry. By "play" I meant "sit around and laugh at Mom." Now we can play in my bedroom. And here, by "play" I mean "chew on my bed and then jump on it."

Day 303


Day 303

Today we flew home via Boston. Hey, we have friends in Boston! Here is a blurry picture of Will meeting our friend Bethany in the airport. (Remember what we said about the flash being broken? This is what happens with no flash or tripod in a dark room.)

Here are Bethany, Flann, Will, and Laurel.

Day 302

Today we were planning on going to St. Paul's Cathedral but we failed to realize that it was Good Friday. On Good Friday pretty much every church in central London is closed to tourists and visitors. On to the Tower of London.

Easter weekend is a big holiday in Europe. Most people get Friday and Monday off. This means travel. This means people coming to Central London to see things. Things like churches. OH WAIT. All the churches are closed on Good Friday. QUICK! EVERYONE GO TO THE TOWER OF LONDON! EVERYONE!!!! ESPECIALLY IF YOU SPEAK FRENCH!!!!! We waited an hour to buy tickets to get in. Then we got in and there was a huge line to see everything. 3 hours to see the crown jewels. An hour and a half to see the torture exhibit. 2 hours to see the Henry VIII exhibit. This made Laurel angry.

It made Will angry too.

The Tower of London is BO-RING.

Upon seeing that this was the line to see the crown jewels, 3 hours long and nowhere near the entrance to the building that housed the crown jewels, we decided to give up.

We left and went to a pub.

Obligatory Tower Bridge Pictures:

"Um, Dad? Hey, Dad? I think Mom might drop me in the river. Can I get some help here?"

Day 301

Our stroller wheel fell off. Lorne MacGuyvered it. Seriously. He took a bobby pin from Laurel's hair and magically attached it again. It hasn't fallen off again yet.

This isn't a picture of Will, but we don't have any of Will today. We spent the day in museums and unfortunately, the flash on our camera broke so indoor pictures were out. And we didn't think of taking an outdoor one. Sorry.