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Monday, September 29, 2008

Day 110

Grandma Gail gave me this awesome "If I Ran the Zoo" shirt. It's a book by Dr. Seuss.

If I ran the zoo, I'd totally let all the whales out so I could snuggle them. Yep.

Day 109

Welcome to Day 109's edition of Play Time.

My parents got out this weird thing for me to play with today. It was almost like some sort of torturous contraption, with holes that held my legs in place and something to keep my feet from touching the real floor, thus impeding my ability escape. I say "almost like some sort of torturous contraption" because it was actually pretty okay. I liked the spinny cowprint things.

I tried to show the baby in the mirror the neat cow thing, but I couldn't move it all the way over to the mirror. Cruel. That poor mirror baby was unable to see the joy of the spinny cow print things.

I don't really fit in the seat all that well - it's a little wide. Mom worried that I'd flop around and hit my head and shoved this stupid blanket behind me. It only propelled me forward, which was annoying. HELLO MOM, I HAVE EXCELLENT HEAD CONTROL.

The chickens encased in plastic were pretty interesting. At one point I tried to liberate them, but my tiny fists were no match for the poor encapsulated chickens. Mom spun their plastic enclosure a few times. This made their little food chunks spin around their heads, but I'm pretty sure none of the chickens were able to actually eat any of the food that spun past them - they couldn't move much because they have been skewered alive in order to keep them in the middle of their plastic shell. I think being in the middle is supposed to be more aesthetically pleasing, but I find it especially cruel that they aren't allowed to at least wander free in their plastic jail. Anyway, I can't decide if Mom was being nice and trying to give them a chance at eating or just torturing them further.

Also, how awesome is my elephant shirt?

Day 108

We almost forgot to take a picture of Will today. Almost. We totally risked waking him up with the flash, ALL FOR YOU. NOT BECAUSE WE ARE DUMB.

His face wasn't all squinched up until the flash went off. After we took the picture we ran away.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Day 107

Will played with Dad today while Mom spent some quality time sitting in front of the toilet.

Day 106

My dad thinks I'm a football sometimes.

Dad is SO weird.

Day 105


Day 104

Well hello there. Welcome to play time. I see you've brought your camera.

Here you can see this weird thing my mom sat in front of me. Well, you can sort of see it. Anyway, it lights up and stuff, and there are these things you can hit with your hands. Sometimes when I lay down I kick it with my feet.

Oh dear. I seem to have spit up on my chin.

How embarrassing. AVERT YOUR EYES!

Day 103

Today was a very fussy day. By "fussy" we mean "screamy." Today is the first time we called the doctor as crazy freaked-out first-time parents, when he screamed like he was in intense pain for the first time. Turns out he was probably just tired. But anyway, all the fussing distracted us from taking a picture. Here's an approximation of what today was like.

Day 102

This pop-up book is pretty cool.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Day 99

Sometimes we can trick Will into smiling for the camera by holding it over a shoulder.

Day 98

Here comes Blue Bear!

Day 97

Seriously guys? This is the only picture you took of me today?

Day 96

Tummy time is pretty okay these days.

Rolling over is pretty okay too.

Day 95

Our friend Caleb had a dinner party for his little sister. While we were there, Will met our friend Swati for the first time. Hooray!

Day 94

Will is three months old today! In celebration we played with Beep/Bop, one of the Ugly Dolls Alison gave to Will when she visited. Bop is the green side.

Beep is the delicious side.

Day 93


Friday, September 12, 2008