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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Day 253

Will just realized that George is not his biological brother.

Day 252

Reason 329 that Will is more awesome than you:

You only have one elbow per arm.

Day 251

What? Grandma Diane has to go home?!

To console me, Dad let me gnaw on his pickle at the sandwich shop for a little while.

Day 250

Why is pretending to inflict bodily damage to your child so amusing to all parties involved?

Day 249

Happy Valentine's Day! Grandma Diane came to visit! I celebrated these events by refusing to nap and then passing out in Dad's arms while he got me ready to go to Target.

Then I got a piggyback ride.

Then I snuggled Grandma Diane.

Day 247

I am 8 months old today. I'm calling everyone I know to tell them so.

Day 246

Today my cousin Zayley turned a year old. My parents are bad at giving presents in a timely manner (almost as bad as they are at posting blogs in a timely manner), so I made a sign for her. (Don't worry, Dad sent some pictures on her actual birthday last week.)

Then I eated it.

Then George and I posed for a family picture.

Day 245

Here is some hilarious video of Will eating asparagus for the first time. Watch it again if you've already seen it. It's still funny.

This pretty much sums up the video.

Day 244

We are incredibly behind on Will's blog. Please forgive us dear readers.

Look at Will's hat! So jaunty.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Day 243

Operation Nerd Baby enters phase 2: hike pants up to armpits.

Also, look at how much hair Will has when it's laying down flat (as it does for about 3 minutes after bath time). It looks like a lot more than it does when it's all standing up.

Day 242

Today Will attempted to launch himself out of his crib by grabbing on to the rainforest aquarium thing he likes to look at and pulling himself up. Lorne then lowered the crib two notches. There's no escaping now.

And bonus! Now the little bed skirt is actually visible below the slats.

Day 241

Let's just turn this rainforest gadget on, okay?

Hooray! It's on! Now I will hug it.


I did a terrible job of taking my afternoon nap, and Mom and Dad had some cleaning and baking to do for Dad's birthday party, so they sat me in my jumper. My jumper is almost as awesome as my rainforest thing and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Day 240

Today is Dad's birthday! Happy birthday Dad! I will eat apples while sitting on your lap to celebrate.

We went over to friends of Ian and Lisa's tonight for Lisa's birthday dinner before all of this apple eating too place. Will was fascinated with the little 4 year old girl that was there. Of course, we forgot the camera at home, so here is another picture of Will eating apples 3 hours past his bedtime.

Day 239

Mom and Dad forgot to charge the camera batteries again. Here's a picture not from Day 239.

Day 238

The camera ran out of batteries today, so here is a crappy cell phone picture for you.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Day 237

Will enjoys the exotic meat of the giraffe and elephant.

Day 236

Day 235

Today was the Superbowl. Will's only NFL shirt is this Seahawks jersey that used to be his cousin Emma's. It was a little too big during regular season, but now it fits okay, even though the Seahawks were not playing.

He's not crawling yet, but he's getting there. His new trick is to push himself backwards.

Ian and Lisa came over for football, snacks, and Rock Band.

Also, we forgot to mention in Day 234 - Will's first tooth broke through. It's freaking sharp.

Day 234

We went up to Great Grandma Jo's house today. Will practiced his Artis the Spoonman impersonation.

Come together with your hands.

I'm together with your plan.

Then we all met Eric for the first time. Eric is Lorne's cousin Jenny's son. That makes Will and Eric second cousins...or something. We don't really know how it all works. We're just going to call everyone "cousin."

Day 233

Will likes to play with his food.