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Saturday, July 23, 2011


I mentioned in the week in review post that we said goodbye to George last month. It's been almost a month and I was going through pictures yesterday and looking at my favorites, so I thought I'd share a few here.

I got George and Gracie when they were kittens, in 2000. My roommate and I were planning on getting kittens shortly after we moved in together. Then I broke my ankle and my boyfriend took me to the animal shelter to cheer me up. I took George and Gracie home that day, in kind of a jerky move since my roommate and I had planned on getting the cats together. We also had planned on splitting the kitties up when we eventually parted ways. I don't remember how we ended up deciding not to. It probably had something to do with me being obsessed with them. And me being a jerk and picking them out without her. (I'm sorry Katie!)

George and Gracie were with me through most of college. In the time since I got them, I graduated, got my first "real" job, moved in with Lorne, moved away from Seattle, got married, and had two kids. George has been with me for most of the major events of my adulthood so far. When something would go wrong, he'd sit on my lap and purr. (He also did this at other times, but you know. I liked to think he could sense my sadness.) He won't be around when Lorne graduates though, or when we move away from San Diego, and it's weird to think about.

In college, when my roommate Emily or I would try to study, he'd immediately sit on whatever book you had open. George liked to sit on things. Emily eventually started opening a decoy book, waiting for George to come sit on it, and then opening the real book she wanted to use.

The house we lived in before we left for San Diego had a large, wrap-around porch with a screen door. Gracie figured out how to open the door and let herself out. Gracie would disappear into the yard. George would follow her out, then immediately freeze up and sit on the porch, about three feet from the open screen door. He was kind of meant to be an indoor cat.

George was pretty much completely unaware of the fact that he was a large-framed, fat, 20 pound cat. He splayed himself across furniture. He'd perch his front legs on the arm of one chair and his back legs on the arm of another, and let his entire belly hang free in between. He routinely jumped on this old dresser of Lorne's that was at least five feet tall. He could clear the baby gates in our apartment up until he got sick.

Will really loved George and has since he was a baby. George spent the last several weeks of his life in our bedroom, where Will didn't see much of him - he'd go in with me or Lorne and pet him gently every now and then though. Once I went in our room and found Will sitting next to George, telling him he was sorry he felt "sicky." It was very sweet.

I can't find the picture for the life of me, but once we found George curled up with Mr. Lion, Will's lion/blanket thing that he sleeps with, and a pacifier on his paw. Will decided to share the things he needed when he took a nap with his buddy.

Will still talks about how he has two cats, Gracie and George, and George is big and orange, but he hasn't asked where George is yet. We haven't told him that he's gone. We don't think he'd understand yet, and honestly, we don't really know what to say.

So we just let it go. I'm expecting him to ask someday though. Maybe when he does I'll have figured out a way to explain it. Maybe he'll be old enough to understand.

He'd been sick for a while. Sometime in May, Bill and Gail had the kids at Gramma Jo's and Lorne and I went on a rare date, then when we got home he was kind of flailing and yowling and couldn't stand up. He spent several days in an animal hospital, and when he started eating again, we got to take him home.

He never really regained his balance, though it got better, but he was eating and purring and was very happy to hang out in our bedroom and have people pet him. Then, at the end of June, he stopped eating. We took him to the vet to see if there was anything else they could do. We were going to try steroids and a fluid shot, but while we were there George may have had a stroke. He was clearly not doing well and he was unable to see, and he was crying and in pain, so I asked them to put him to sleep. I'm glad I was with him and I'm glad he didn't suffer for more than a few minutes.

Anyway, George was an awesome cat. He was big. He was very well-mannered, unless guests were spending the night - then he tried to sleep on their heads. Or unless turkey was involved. George would eat a lot of human food - he loved yogurt, fish, any kind of meat, and once I caught him eating my salad. But he only jumped on the counters and got obnoxious when you had turkey.

He loved eating, even just plain old cat food, so much so that he purred when he ate. He was great with the kids. He liked snuggling. He was very sweet.

I miss you buddy.

Friday, July 22, 2011

June 19-25, 2011

On Sunday, we went to Stone for their Hoppy Father's Day Brunch with Grandma Gail and Grandpa Bill and our friends Mike, Alyssa, and their son Connor. It would have been totally awesome if Will hadn't decided to be a big ol' pill. The food and the company (well, except for Will) was still great.

Did not get much hoppy beer at Stone. =(

Later, we went up to Gramma Jo's house, where Lorne and Will played baseball. Will tells people to "be brave" when he's playing ball with them. You may think you need to be brave because he might throw a ball at your face (which he might, and he throws hard), but it actually means "make a mean-looking face," because all the major leaguers make mean faces when they're batting.

You can tell Lorne is a good father because, armed with a bat after Will's behavior at Stone, he just played ball.

Bein' brave.

Also, Evie picked her first orange. Also, Evie licked her first orange.

On Monday, Grandma Gail and Grandpa Bill headed home. Later, I took the kids for a walk. Will ran alongside the stroller for about a mile, then shouted, "Oh no! Tired!" Then he passed out.

On Tuesday, stuff happened.

On Wednesday, more stuff happened.

On Thursday, as I was cleaning out the kids' closet, I found the clothes that my best friend's mom gave us when Will was born. She got Will size 4 clothes and PJs, and Will was super excited about the dino pjs.

On Friday, we said goodbye to our sweet kitty George. He'd been sick for about a month, and he got exponentially worse when I took him to the vet on Friday. He was in a lot of pain and it was time to say goodbye. We were lucky to have him with us for so long.

On Saturday, I was still sad about George. I don't remember what else we did.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

June 12-18, 2011

On Sunday, it was the eve of Will's 3rd birthday. To celebrate, he decided to return to his babyhood.

Also, Lorne and Evie were pretty cute.

On Monday, Will turned three! His birthday party wasn't held until Saturday, but he got some sweet bubbles from Grandma Gail and Grandpa Bill.

Evie laughed at me when I asked her to stop eating grass.

Will opened a couple presents from Grandma Diane while they talked on the phone as well.

And he got some birthday cupcakes from Sprinkles.

On Tuesday, Will had his three year checkup. He had his first paper gown.

And his first game of Candyland.

On Wednesday, Grandpa Bill and Evie kicked this balloon around.

On Thursday, Lorne defended his dissertation.

He passed because he is awesome!

We went for Thai food with the kids, Lorne's parents, Gramma Jo, and then Aunt Marla, Uncle Andy, and Joellen drove down to join us. Evie loves Thai food.

*I stole pictures for today from Grandpa Bill because I was unprepared. And because that's a great picture of Evie.

On Friday, we ran around like crazy people to prepare for Will's birthday party.

On Saturday, Will had his third birthday party! He picked the theme Angry Birds.

And cookies from Vicki at Center Stage Sweets.

We also had a "Congratulations Lorney" orange dream creamsicle pie.

Angry Birds balloons (most of them were popped almost immediately...several by Evie).

Will opened presents.

Amazing presents!

Stuffed Angry Birds!

We borrowed Aunt Diana's bouncy house.

Evie enjoyed herself too.