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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Day 49

Sometimes Will tries to nurse on Lorne's arm.

Day 48

We had dinner with Ian, Lisa, and Lisa's dad Alan today. Ian worked on his baby flipping skills.

Day 47

Will worked on sitting today.

Then he helped his dad get some work done.

It's hard work being a baby.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Day 46

We went up to the ranch to have lunch with Great Grandma Jo today.

First, Will showed off his head control.

Then he snuggled with Great Grandma and took a nap on her for a few hours.

Meanwhile, back at home, Gracie tried to steal Tigger for herself.

It also appears that Sailor Babo is under her control.

Day 45

Will got this neat sun hat from Grandma Diane. It's still a little big.

This is why Lorne and Laurel turned the brim up (despite it looking a little silly) in the subsequent pictures. Anyway, we took a walk on the San Diego Bay side of Silver Strand State Beach.

As in his last trips to the beach, Will napped most of the time.

Will has been doing these sleepy smiles for several weeks, but this is the first one we caught on camera. He's started smiling for real now, in reaction to us, but only when he's in the right mood. We've yet to be quick enough to take a picture.

Will had another try at the bottle before we turned around and went back to the car. He's having a little trouble figuring out exactly how it works. He takes a bunch of gulps in without breathing, then tries to breathe at the same time as he swallows. This usually results in a mess or in Will freaking out. We're still practicing.

That's okay though. Mom and Dad need some practice in putting on hats, and that seems like it should be way easier to figure out than eating.

Day 44

Will would like to invite you to join in on play time (not to be confused with tummy time, which he has decided he hates).

This concludes today's play time.

Day 43

You must be wearing orange or yellow to appear in this photo.

Day 42

Will is amazed at his own head control.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Day 41

Will took a few moments out of his busy day of being gassy and freaking out to imitate Sailor Babo.

Later, he had his first bottle.

Most of what he drank immediately came back out onto Lorne's shirt.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Day 40 Bonus!

Will rolls over ever so gracefully.

Day 40

There was nice light in the apartment this afternoon. Laurel is quite pleased with herself for taking these.

Will has also rolled over a few times in the last few days, and Laurel caught it on the video camera today. As soon as we figure out how to post videos, we'll share that too.

Day 39

Naptime with Lorne and Gracie.

Day 38

Will rules at tummy time.

He also likes Tigger time.

Actually Day 37

Somewhere in the last set of posts, Laurel added a day. She looked and figured out which post was off a few days ago, but has since forgotten. We'll figure it out later.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Day 37

Today was a busy day. Laurel took some pictures of Will's fingers and toes.

Then Will had a staring contest with Winnie the Pooh.

Then Lisa and Ian came over, and Lisa held Will while he had gas.

Day 36

Just hanging out with Dad.

Day 35

Tummy time requires very serious concentration.

Day 34

Just hanging around with Mom.

Day 33

Lorne and Laurel completely failed to take a picture of Will today. Instead, please enjoy this picture Laurel messed with with her limited Photoshop skills.

Day 32

Just chilling out, being annoyed at this baby acne thing.

It's okay though. His mom still likes snuggling with him, despite the acne.

Day 31

Today Will was one month old! He wore Lorne's favorite pair of pajamas for bed.

Lorne likes them because of the Winnie the Pooh hand covers. He calls them Will's Pooh hands. When Grandma Diane was here, she thought Lorne was talking about actual poop when she heard him say this.

Day 30 - Still hates baths

Will broke out with a whole lot of baby acne today. Lorne and Laurel read that baths with mild soap every day (more often than he was being bathed) could help clear it up faster. It started off kind of okay.

Then he got a little bit concerned.

Then things were just no good.

One of the websites Laurel looked at for information on baby acne told her that many parents found the baby acne to be unattractive; so much so that parents might not want to take pictures of their child while it was there. The website advised Laurel to take lots of pictures before the baby acne showed up so she and Lorne wouldn't have to take while it was there.

Will thinks that website is kind of crap.