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Monday, September 10, 2012

Bottle Up and Explode

Last Christmas our friends Alison and Daniel gave us this awesome book of projects to make with your kids. Lorne pulled it out on Saturday morning and he and Will looked through it to figure out what they could work on this weekend. Will's choice? Water bottle rockets. Awesome! They got the materials (wood for the launchpad, bike pump, wine bottle cork, soda bottles) on Saturday and built the launchpad.

On Sunday morning Will and I painted the bottles. They were dry when Evie got up from her nap, so we headed outside to set up mission control.

Our three rockets, the wood launchpad, and the bike pump.

Lorne attaches the first rocket.

This was our first flight. Lorne did a good job of preparing Will for the fact that sometimes, when you make things at home like this, they don't always work right away, but then you get to have more fun figuring out how to fix it.

Lorne pumps up the first rocket.

We didn't have to worry about fixing anything with the rocket launcher though.

Covered in rocket fuel.

Undeterred by the fact that he'd just been sprayed from head to toe by the first rocket, Will helped set up and pump our second rocket.

More success!

This handy tree doubles as a landing pad.

Rocket number three was a full two liter bottle, so Lorne and Will worked together to launch it.

We spent the afternoon refilling the rockets with water and launching them up until they all got stuck in trees or on the roof. Though after the first launch Evie wanted nothing to do with the launcher. She was happy sitting off to the side, where she wasn't going to get sprayed in the face with water, thank you very much, which is kind of surprising, given how much this child loves water.

She was happy to go retrieve the bottles after they landed though.

Next time we use our launcher we'll have to plan a little better and go to an area with less trees and roofs. There are some open fields at nearby parks that would make an excellent spot for our new mission control.

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