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Monday, September 24, 2012

December 11-17, 2011


We went to Eric's birthday party on Sunday. There were stone bunnies in the yard and Evie wanted to pet them all. Also, we got her these boots so she'd have something at least slightly more waterproof than her Converse, and now she wants to wear them all the time. She brings them to me and goes, "Boots? Boots. Booooooots." And then she does a little dance once she has them on.

Will hitting the pinata at the party.


Something tragic happened on December 12th, apparently.


Lorney and Evie


Evie in her Meathead hat.

We went up to Gramma Jo's today. The ladies of the family were having coffee and discussing Christmas plans. We won't be in town for Christmas, but I came anyway because I like hanging out with them and Will and Evie like playing with the other kids. Before we headed home, Will and his great aunt Marla picked some tangerines for us to take with us. Some of these looked a little green but they're tasty and totally ready to eat. Lorne's mom's family owns a citrus and avocado farm in north San Diego County, so we're often sent home with delicious goodies like these.

I still miss Seattle, but I'm so thankful that we live close to family down here. I also love that Will and Evie get to frequently spend time with the people and in the places that provided Lorne with some of the happiest memories of his childhood.

Thursday Nothing today.


We drove through San Bernardino County.


We drove by Mono Lake on the way to Reno.

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